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Module 4: Culture & Crisis: Integrating Social Justice & Victim Services

Victim services providers encounter clients and community members in traumatic circumstances and it is imperative to avoid compounding the originating trauma with race- based trauma. As such, this workshop will help victim services providers develop and strengthen their understanding of racial-cultural factors as well as the impact of racism, and current and intergenerational race-based trauma on themselves and the individuals they support. In doing so, attendees will gain skills to consider a multitude of racial-cultural factors; consider their own and their clients'/consumers' racial-cultural context and experiences; and explore how identities impact interactions. The presenter will share strategies to facilitate intercultural communication, avoid microaggressions, and address intercultural conflict and repair the working relationship in the event of microaggressions or cross-cultural discord.


In this session, participants will be able to:

  1. Explore domains of race, culture, power, and privilege; impact of racism and race-based trauma; and utility and significance of addressing these factors in all engagements

  2. Explain barriers to addressing aspects of social identity and how to address and navigate said barriers

  3. Apply and practice strategies for assessing self and client identities and intersections and for facilitating intercultural conversations and resolving intercultural conflict (e.g. microaggressions)

About this Module

Session Presenter

Aziza Belcher Platt.jpg

Aziza Belcher Platt, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

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